; Language file for mod_db8sitelastmodified ; Author: Peter Martin, www.db8.nl ; Copyright (C) 2014 Peter Martin. All rights reserved. ; License: GNU General Public License version 2 or later. MOD_DB8SITELASTMODIFIED="Site Last Modified" MOD_DB8SITELASTMODIFIED_XML_DESCRIPTION="

db8 Site Last Modified
The Site Last Modified Module displays the last site modification date, based on the article (create/modified) dates in your site.
Author: Peter Martin, www.db8.nl.
Documentation: http://www.db8.nl/en/download/modules/db8-site-last-modified
Bug reports & additions: https://github.com/pe7er/db8sitelastmodified
Please submit a review at: http://extensions.joomla.org/extensions/news-display/content-infos/updated-info/1436

" MOD_DB8SITELASTMODIFIED_SHOW_DATE_DISPLAY_LABEL="Use Date from" MOD_DB8SITELASTMODIFIED_SHOW_DATE_DISPLAY_DESC="Which date should be used? Modified, Created or the most recent?" MOD_DB8SITELASTMODIFIED_BOTH="Most Recent Date" MOD_DB8SITELASTMODIFIED_CREATED="Article Modified Date" MOD_DB8SITELASTMODIFIED_MODIFIED="Article Created Date" MOD_DB8SITELASTMODIFIED_TEXT_PRE_LABEL="Text before date" MOD_DB8SITELASTMODIFIED_TEXT_PRE_DESCR="Any text that should be placed before the last modified date." MOD_DB8SITELASTMODIFIED_DATETIME_FORMAT_LABEL="Date/Time format" MOD_DB8SITELASTMODIFIED_DATETIMEFORMAT_DESCR="Use the PHP date format, like l d F Y, H:i:s for Wednesday 15 February 2013, 18:30:59 (see: http://php.net/manual/en/function.date.php )" MOD_DB8SITELASTMODIFIED_TEXT_POST_LABEL="Text after date" MOD_DB8SITELASTMODIFIED_TEXT_POST_DESCR="Any text that should be placed after the last modified date."

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